Mouine Omari | Photographer & Filmmaker
Movie Photography - Digital Artwork - Cinematography


Hey there, my name is Mouine, sometimes known as momo. I graduated in 2011 with a first class degree in film production and have since worked on a bunch of productions from short films to features. My primarily job is working behind the camera, whether that be shooting and editing key actor promo shots and posters, set videography or DOP work. 

My long term goal is to move into Directing, however right now I feel comfortable being and understanding cinematography and lighting when it comes to film and advertising. 

I have recently set up a new production company 'Panda Vision Films' which is aimed at aspiring actors, stunt performers and martial artists to showcase their skills through cinematic visuals and kick-ass photography. Below are some examples of our very first shoot. Keey an eye out through the social links below for updates!